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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Welcome to Skeletons in my Closet!!!

I've been doing research on my family genealogy since 1993, long before the internet made this process much easier..This is my first attempt to blog about my experiences in tracing my family's past.  I descend from Northwestern Europe, all immigrating to the North America throughout the past four centuries.  My earliest ancestors came to both New England and French Canada in the early 1600s, while my most recent ancestors arriving through Ellis Island in 1903 from the then German-controlled Danube-Swabian regions of Europe, which are now a part of Hungary and Romania along the Danube River in Central Europe.

Based upon the nationality of each of my 16 Great Great Grandparents, my ethnicity is broken down as follows:
  • English (England)- 4 of 16 or 25%
  • German (Germany)- 4 of 16 or 25%
  • French (France/French Canada)- 3 of 16 or 18.75%
  • Irish (Republic of Ireland)- 3 of 16 or 18.75
  • Dutch/Flemish (Netherlands/Belgium)- 2 of 16 or 12.5%
Along the way, I've found several famous and/or infamous family members in both my direct and collateral lines, including, but hopefully not limited to:
  • Roger WILLIAMS, Founder of the Colony of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations
  • Benedict ARNOLD, Revolutionary War Trader during the U.S. War of Independence
  • Stephen HOPKINS, Signer of the U.S. Declaration of Independence and Delegate from Rhode Island at the Second Continental Congress
  • Camila SHAND PARKER-BOWLES WINDSOR, Duchess of York and Wife of Charles WINDSOR, Prince of Wales
  • Lizzie BORDEN, Alleged Murderer of Father and Stepmother with an Axe Handle
  • Mary ANGELL YOUNG, Legally Legitimate Wife of Brigham YOUNG, leader of the LDS Church
I look forward to sharing my stories with you. 

Simi Valley, (Ventura), California, USA